Working in multimedia and sound design for over 15 years.

In addition to sound design work Mr Armstrong utilizes a deep knowledge of Macintosh™ computer systems and associated software as well as various hardware based digital and analogue audio/visual technologies for multimedia consultancy projects.

Mr Armstong’s work has encompassed many fields including but not limited to:

- Sound design for video games, films and architecture presentations.

- Live solo and collaborative performances using various digital and analogue audio/visual technologies across Australia and Japan.

- Extensive audio field-recordings throughout Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

- System revision and technician for - Semi Automated Robotic Percussion System™.

Using the pseudonym 'G3' he was the inaugural solo artist on Japanese/Australian recording label ' IF? ', with a full-length release - the highly experimental, challenging and superb "Perception Camera" album that was released in 1996.

Currently working in a ‘freelance’ capacity Scott Armstrong can be contacted via: